The Work You Love

We believe the only way to do Great work is to Love your work.


Our Mission

Empowering local entrepreneurs and organizations 
to achieve more in their businesses using technology.  

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Matabumi Fleet Management

Efficient logistic is one of important factor in Indonesian economic growth. With Matabumi Fleet Management, we do not only provide a system, but also deliver analytics and advises to fleet organizations.

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Matadoo Business Apps Suite

With Matadoo, we deliver a fully managed Odoo Business Suite to local organizations in Indonesia. By actively involved and consulting real businesses, we become the reliable link between the business and the technology.

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Matamation Automation Solution

Indonesian economic is highly driven by manufacturing businesses. Our customized automation solution improves efficiency and accelerates the growth of local manufacturing in Indonesia.

Working at Unitek Solusi

Make an Impact to Indonesian Young and Growing Tech Ecosystem.

Indonesian Tech ecosystem is Young and Immature. We see a lot of shallow solution implementation with underestimated impact. 

We believe businesses of all sizes deserve a High Quality and Solid Solution. We are here to make a difference.

Be Part of an Open and Collaborative Culture. 

Our company has a young climate. We put forward professionalism and work results, and we support direct communication above formality and politics.


Everyone is Different.

Everyone is different, everyone has their own roles and skills. We believe in putting the right people in the right place, yet working together as a team.
We look forward to young applicants with dedication to learn and grow together as one team.

Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress.
Working hard for something we love is called passion.

~ Simon Sinek

Are you qualified?


At Unitek, we do not see your degrees. If you have the right skills, there is a place for you. 


The world of technology is a fast-paced changing world. If you love continuous learning, your place is with us.


At Unitek, we understand our customers, deliver more, and exceed our customers' expectation. If you always want to do more, your place is with us.

Hot Seats

Web Developer

Do you love Web Development? 
UI / UX are important to you? JavaScript is your daily language? We have a hot seat for you!

*Various JS Framework skill is a plus.

Software Engineer

Do you love Development? Problem Solving? Complex Code? We have a hot seat for you!

*Python / Odoo / Arduino skill is a plus

Automation Engineer

Do you like to build practical things and make them work automatically? You make jokes about harmonic? We have a hot seat for you!

*Arduino / Electronic skill is a plus 


IT Support

Do you love Helping people? Talking to people? Resolving their problem? We have a hot seat for you!

*Communication skill is required.

Junior Consultant

You like development, but you love real world application even more? You wonder how a software is used in a real organization? We have a hot seat for you!

*Python / Odoo skill is a plus


Join Us and Start Making an Impact!