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Why Fleet Management?

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Cost Control

Lack of control on your fleet results in unnecessary cost, which includes low utilization of your vehicles, high fuel consumption, or non-optimal routes.

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Strategic Decision Making

Through Fleet Management System, you can analyze the characteristic of your fleet. This insight is very beneficial for strategic and important decision making.


Advanced, Flexible, and User-Friendly Fleet Management System

Matabumi helps you monitor and manage your fleet through remote control, real-time monitoring, automatic notification as well as managerial support. Familiarize yourself with the advanced features of Matabumi.

Real-time Monitoring of Fleet Location

Monitor your fleet in real-time, including fleet routes and exact position.

Management and Remote Control

Control your fleet from afar, including tracking, performance monitoring, engine control, and many more. 

Monitoring Anytime Anywhere

Matabumi can be accessed from various devices such as Desktop PC, Tablet, and Mobile; Anrdoi or iOS. Matabumi is "Always-On" to watch on your fleet.

Pro-active Monitoring

Matabumi is capable of instantly sending Email or SMS notification to your device in case some specific event occurs to your fleet, without the need of a manual intervention.

Fleets and Drivers Performance Report

Matabumi can provide many kind of reports from your fleet, such as total distance, speed, or even driver's punctuality.


Fleet Performance improvement through close monitoring. Performance reporting and evaluation that are more precise and fair per vehicle per driver. Stored historical data for evaluation or investigation purposes.

Compatible with all types of fleet

Matabumi is compatible with all kind of vehicles


Personal Car

Garbage Truck

Food Truck

Heavy Truck

Pick Up

Truck Box

Truck Trailer

Why Us?

Not only selling Software, but Consulting

We study your operations, and advice on optimization through Fleet Management System to resolve operational problems.

We give training and support.

Specialized in Fleet Management and Tracking

Our team consists of industry players with broad experiences in fleet management.

Our software have been used and proven by ourselves. And we keep improving it to match operational needs of fleet in Indonesia.

Advanced Software, Flexible, and User-Friendly

Support Customization (Notification, Layout, Reports, Access Rights)

Integration with External System through Web Service

Support Indonesian Language

Strong Reputation

Vast customer base that are satisfied with our services.

Start Fleet Monitoring Easily

Whatever the type of your fleet, starting from Heavy Truck, Trailer Truck, Pick-Up, Bus, Personal Car, or any other motorized vehicles; Monitor them easily by using Matabumi Fleet Management System.

One Solution, Many Benefit

  Easy to Use and Comprehensive Features.

  Used anywhere anytime.

  Working on various devices, iOs, Android,and Desktop

  Professional and Capable

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Plan Your Fleet with Us

Android Tracker


/ unit / month (billed monthly)
  • Use Your Own Android Device
  • Use Your Own Data Package
  • Online Support


Device Tracker

IDR 150k ,00

/ unit / month (billed monthly)
  • Use Our Standard Device Tracker
  • Incl. Data Package
  • Limited Reports and Alerts Customization*
  • Device Installation and Maintenance*


Device Tracker

IDR 2.000k  ,00*

*Starting from per device
  • Everything in Standard Device Tracker
  • + Use Advanced Device Tracker with Various Sensors* 
  • *Door Lock, Fuel, Altitude, Temperature, etc.

Implementation Service

Contact Us

for Details
  • Information System Consultancy
  • Fleet Management Consultancy
  • Reports and System Alerts Customization
  • Online and Site Support

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